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PUCP Visit

We had the pleasure of being invited to the department of mining engineering at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru in Lima. We received presentations from Dr.Maribel Guzman about the overall layout and curriculum of the school and the engineering department, Angel Mondragon and Raul Pastor, part time professors, gave talks about the history and current state of the mining industry in Peru and finally two current undergraduate mining students Paul and Paul gave us a review of their capstone project in their final year.

Touring the Mining Department Facilities

The Ancient Inca Red Carpet

Maribel led our class around campus and showed us some facilities such as mining laboratories a new library, campus gardens, and a very special historic Inca walkway and temple located directly on campus. Our class was incredibly impressed with the number and quality of laboratories accessible by the undergraduate class, the welcoming attitude of all the students we met and the beautiful scenery of the campus.

UBC Mining Student Presentation

Our graduating class greatly appreciated the opportunity to interact with a mining engineering department in a different part of the world and were humbled to learn about the vast amounts similarities and few differences between the two departments. Our quick visit ended with a few of our students presenting to some of the undergraduate students of PUCP about mining in Canada and an overview of school life at UBC. This was an experience that brought a great amount of impact to our students and will not be soon forgotten.

Muchas gracias PUCP, here’s to hoping we will cross paths in our future endeavors.

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