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The annual UBC Mining Graduate Research Trip has been a tradition in our department since 2005. Since the first trip to Brazil, students have been all over the world to places like China, Australia, and Indonesia.

The goal of these trips is to learn about mining challenges, opportunities, and solutions in a culture other than our own. As we believe mining to be a truly global industry, we hope to take these experiences and apply them throughout our careers.

This year we have chosen South Africa and Botswana for many reasons. This includes the diversity and wealth of mineral deposits in the area, the vastly different culture to our own in Canada, and the opportunity to learn about a part of the world we have never seen.

While in the area, we will be visiting 4 mining operations, 2 universities, and 3 processing facilities. This includes:

  • The Jwaneng Diamond Mine, the world's richest diamond mine operated by Debswana

  • The Eastern Bushveld Regional Complex, the world's biggest automated processing facility

  • Palabora Mining Companies block cave copper mine

  • The University of Witwatersrand and the University of Cape Town

  • and more!

For more information, please feel free to contact us or download our sponsorship package using the buttons the the right.

Thank you!!

Students at Antofagasta's Centinela mine in Chile, 2016

Students during the 2014 trip to Poland

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