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Nathan Skubovius

Nathan Skubovius is currently the President of the UBC Mining Undergraduate Club and Captain of the UBC Mine Rescue team. Before UBC, Nathan completed an Architecture and Engineering Technologies diploma from Thompson Rivers University and has worked for New Gold, Teck, Pretivm and Kutcho Copper Corp while attending University.


Farzana Shuhrat

Farzana Shuhrat is very proud to be a part of the UBC Mining Engineering graduating class of 2019. She has worked for a year in short range mine planning at Syncrude Canada, and four months at Amec Foster Wheeler. She is interested in pursuing a career in mine planning, metallurgy, mill maintenance and operations.


Nabil Khan

Nabil is one of the graduate representatives for the Mining Engineering Class of 2019. In addition, he is also a captain of the team representing UBC at the 29th Annual Canadian Mining Games. He has a combined 28 months of work experience at various mining operations, including Highland Valley Copper, Mount Milligan, and New Afton.


Vince Li

As a young aspiring mining engineer, Vince hopes to make changes and improvements in the mining industry. Vince has previously worked at different mines like Highland Valley Copper, Copper Mountain, and New Afton. He is excited to explore the new innovation branches of mining such as autonomous equipment and sensor based sorting.


Jess Chen

Jess is a fourth year student in the mineral processing stream. She is interested in software development for optimization and automation techniques in mineral processing applications. Jess spent a co-op term at Modular Mining working in the R&D department before spending another two co-op terms in hydrometallurgy at Autec. Her other hobbies include cooking and volunteering with animals.


Aedan Kiernan

Aedan Kiernan is a 4th year mining engineering student and is the CIM and Professional Development Representative for the UBC Mining undergraduate students. The past summer he worked at Conuma Coal Resources in Tumbler Ridge BC at their Brule Mine. Previously he did digital marketing for a Vancouver denim company.


Bei Ken Chin

Bei Ken Chin was born in Johor Bahru, Malaysia and he came to Vancouver, Canada five years ago. He loves reading about new technologies, exploration and hands on work. He is currently working as a part time barista, but hopes to develop his career as a mining engineer.


Jakob Gattinger

Jakob is a fourth year student focusing on mineral processing. He hails from Toronto, but grew up primarily in the United States. While at UBC, Jakob has been involved in a number of activities, culminating most recently in joining the University's Board of Governors. His work experience largely lies outside of the mining industry.


Farhaz Ahmed

All the way from a coastal town in Kenya, Farhaz joined UBC in 2013. Having recently completed his Engineering Co op terms at Mt. Milligan’s metallurgy team and at Teck Highland Valley Copper’s mill technical team, Farhaz possesses a strong passion to innovate and develop efficient mining/mineral processing systems across the globe.


Soohyun Yoon

Soohyun Yoon is a mining engineering student at University of British Columbia who is  graduating in April 2019. He has a strong passion and motivation in mineral processing and mine fiance. He is willing to join the industry upon graduation and open to any opportunities to learn more and start his career. 


Jacob Yeung

Jacob is currently a Mining Engineering student graduating in April 2019. Jacob has worked a total of 28 months of co-op in a variety of jobs like Shell Canada, Ekati Diamond Mine, and most recently in California working for Riivos, a financial forecasting company working with mining clients.


Kaden Macleod

Kaden is a 4th year Mining Engineering student, born and raised on British Columbia’s West Coast. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports and working on his family’s farm. While working at Centerra Gold’s Mount Milligan operation he has gained valuable experience in short range planning, drill and blast engineering, surveying and tailings dam construction.


Emilio Adriano

Emilio is a graduating Mining Engineer with industry experience primarily focused on open-pit metallurgical (coking) coal mining. He has worked at Teck Coal’s Greenhill’s operation as a Mining Engineering Co-op and as an Operator on the Blast Crew. His strongest skills are in drill and blast and mine surveying with competent experience in short-range planning.


Appu Shrestha

Appu is a Mining Engineering student graduating in 2019. He enjoys learning about automation in mining, and the possibilities for implementation in the mining industry. During his internship last summer, he focused on mine design in developing countries to greatly improve their safety in the workplace.


Muzfira Mahadi

Muzfira was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and is now a fourth year mining and mineral processing student. She believes in improving the current technology and reducing the environmental footprint in the industry, especially in developing countries such as her own, to shape a better future.


Mahin Salam

Mahin is a fourth year Mining Engineering student who succeeds in competitive and team-orientated environments. For his co-op work term, he worked with AuTec Innovative Extractive Solutions as a Jr. Mettalurgist focusing on gold and silver recovery. He is also interested in energy conservation and improving the overall safety of a mine.


Wesley Block

Wesley Block will be graduating from The University of British Columbia in April 2019 with a B.ASc. Degree in Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering. He comes from a mining background working at a family-owned quarry. Most recently, Wesley has worked at two of Imperial Metals’ operations as a Continuous Improvement Engineer and in the Tailings Management Department.


Obada Alhumsi

Obada Alhumsi came to Vancouver in 2014 in pursuit of a degree in mining engineering. He's an autodidact programmer, interested in increasing automation within the mining industry.


Brandon Johnson

Brandon is currently a fourth year studying Mining Engineering at the University of British Columbia. As a mining engineering student, he enjoys solving technical problems and improving efficiencies by implementing new ideas and technologies. He is passionate about finding sustainable solutions to mining problems and reducing the environmental impact of mining operations.


Naman Shah

Naman's main interests relate to Mine technology, process control and automation. He chose to study Mining and Mineral processing because he was impressed by the nature and scale of operations. He has had the opportunity to get 20 months of experience with the Albian Sands operation under Shell and CNRL.


Emma Dodds

Emma Dodds has over 3 years of relevant industry experience. She has worked for both Teck and Goldcorp at three major Canadian mines, both underground and open pit. She is not only a member of the UBC mine rescue team, but also certified in Ontario mine rescue. 


Nate Smith

Nathaniel Smith is currently enrolled in his fourth and final year of the University of British Columbia, studying Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering Program. His most recent experience was involved with the first Caterpillar MineStar Command Autonomous Haulage System Deployments in Western Canada on both the 793F and 797F Large Mining Trucks.


Veronica Knott

Veronica Knott will be graduating in May 2019 in Mining Engineering with a specialty in Mineral Processing. She has completed 24 months of work terms in California, Ontario and British Columbia. Most recently, Veronica spent the past 4 months working in Goldcorp’s Strategic Mining Technologies group working on research and development technology projects.



A passion for development, innovation and a drive for a better mining industry, especially in sub-Saharan Africa is what brought Belindalucy here. When not living a dream & passion combined, she cooks, sings, reads, and lately, yoga. Belindalucy is a writer who yearns for a world of opportunities for both genders.


Robert Fuerderer

Robert Fuerderer is a fourth year Mining Engineering student at the University of British Columbia. He has worked for Barrick Gold and Teck Resources. In his spare time, Robert loves to go  fishing and playing hockey.


Daisy Huang

Daisy Huang is from Vancouver and will be graduating in May 2019 in Mining Engineering at the University of British Columbia. She has completed 16 months of work term in Richmond, BC with ConeTec Investigations Ltd. She was a data analyst and processed various sets of data for geotechnical investigations all across North America.


Kwan Fung

Kwan Fung has over two years of experience in the oil sands industry. Kwan joined mining because he was curious as to how mines are built and operated. Not only was he interested in the engineering side of things, but he is also interested in the financial and technological side of mining.

Headshot - AY.jpg

Ashley Yoon

Ashley (DaYoung) Yoon is from South Korea and currently completing her bachelor's degree in Mining Engineering. She has completed 20 months of work term in Canadian Oil Sands and 8 months underground at New Afton Mine in Kamloops, BC. She enjoys baking, drawing and taking hikes during her free time.


Saunskar Matthew

Saunskar is an ambitious mining engineering 4th year undergraduate looking to draw upon experience in the metals finance field as a foundation for working with and developing new technologies in the mining industry, that have the potential to improve safety and productivity. His passions include cooking, fitness and sport.


Shawn Song

Shawn Song is currently a fourth year mineral processing/mining engineering student at the University of British Columbia and expects to graduate in May, 2019. With more than 2 years of working experiences in the metallurgy and mineral processing field, Shawn has shown his ability in solving technical problems and implementing new ideas.


Jake Macdonald

Jake has worked in the mining industry in various capacities throughout my degree, including 12 months at the Copper Mountain Mine, and a summer with Equity Exploration at the Kutcho Project in Northern BC.  Jake likes sports, mainly hockey and curling, and enjoys camping and other outdoor activities.  


Adam Doka

Adam is in his final year of studies with 24 months of co-op in coal mining. His experience ranges from mine planning, drill & blast and geotech at three of Teck’s operations in the Elk Valley. After growing up in a small community rich in mining heritage Adam looks forward to the future endeavors the industry holds in the coming years.


Aditya Bendale

Aditya is a 4th Year mining engineering student, currently involved as an undergraduate researcher at UBC. Moreover, he has been also part of the mining executive team as treasurer for the last two years. He cannot wait to go to Sweden & Finland for our grad trip in May 2019!


Shaista Meghji

A perfectionist who loves to take on responsibilities and use her interpersonal skills to make Mining succeed. Born and raised in Tanzania, Shaista realized the immense opportunities that Africa possesses especially in the mining sector. Female empowerment is what she hopes to bring back, and believes can result in the next generation of innovative leaders.


Ramin Arif 

Ramin Arif is in his final year as Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering Student. In the past 5 years, he has been involved in several organizations at UBC and have completed many co-op terms mainly focusing on mineral processing.


Lance Yang

Lance Yang is from Calgary, Alberta and came to Vancouver to pursue his degree in mining engineering. He will be the third generation of mining engineer in his family.  Lance did majority of his work terms in the Canadian oil sands projects. Some of his hobbies are photography and hiking. 


Prakhar Tripathi

Prakhar is passionate about how the Mining industry can benefit from the evolutionary solutions provided by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He would like to leverage technology to change the way, day to day operations happen at mine sites.


Yosuke Suzurida

Yosuke grew up in Japan and around countries in South America. Yosuke has worked with Gran Colombia Gold in Colombia, in the mine planning department with a focus on blasting and ventilation. Yosuke’s potential career interests are automation and process control.

John_Wei Headshot.jpg

John Wei

John is a senior Mining Engineering student at the University of British Columbia graduating in April 2019. He has past experiences working at Shell and Vale as a co-op student. His passion in the industry lies with improving safety and profitability of operations through new technologies.


Anton Romadinov

Anton began his mining career in his early 20’s. Anton decided to come back to the industry he fell in love with and entered UBC Mining Engineering program. His experience during his work terms includes working for Kinross’s flagship Kupol underground gold mine in Russia and for B2 Gold at their new Fekola mine in Mali, West Africa. 

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