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Million-Dollar Smiles at Multotec

Today marks the second official day of the UBC Mining Southern Africa Grad Trip 2017! After a hearty breakfast at the MoAfrika Lodge, we hopped onto our bus and headed towards Kempton park for a factory tour at Multotec’s manufacturing centre in Johannesburg. Multotec is an international organization that is one of the largest mineral processing equipment suppliers in Africa, with strong presences in North and South America also.

Once we arrived, we were welcomed with open arms and introduced to our hosts for the day. Brent Combrink, one of the principle process engineers, acted as our primary host. Every one of us were given personalized Multotec name tags and PPE for touring the facilities. Talk about first class treatment!

Our visit consisted of two main components: this included a walking tour of the facilities and equipment as well as a presentation component where several engineers spoke on the various facets of Multotec’s business profile. Topics that were discussed in depth included sampling applications, water treatment technologies, gravity and magnetic separation technologies, mill liner wear, solid liquid separation technologies, and cyclone classification. Although it felt a little like being back in the classroom, each presentation was extremely informative and shed light to the level of expertise Multotec possesses in a spectrum of mineral processing areas.

One of the most interesting parts of the walking tour was being able to witness screen panels being made in various stages of the manufacturing process. Here, students watch on as an operator skillfully pours polyurethane formula into the panel moulds without spilling a single drop.

We were also able to visit a spiral testing facility, a dedicated sampling facility, a magnetic separator unit, and a water treatment unit.

The visit was as much a cultural learning experience as it was a technical one. For dinner, we ate “potjie” which is a traditional South African stew served in a small cauldron. It was an amazing and delicious experience where students had a chance to mingle with Multotec staff for one final time before departing the manufacturing plant.

Overall, the students had a spectacular time learning about Multotec and the unique differences between operating in a harsher environment such as in South Africa. The tour could not have been hosted any better, and for that, South African hospitality will remain in our memories for a long, long time.

Thank you Multotec!

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