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First Stop- Epiroc!

Today, we had early morning drive to Örebro where Epiroc kindly hosted us for the day. We started off with an introduction of Epiroc where we learned about the history and the current product offerings and technologies. It was a great learning experience for all the students! On top of this, we got to go 4 different workshops:

1. Visited the control tower that manages and helps demonstrate the functionalities of Epiroc's systems. 2. Manufacturing facility that assembles the trucks, loaders, booms, and jumbos and also manufactures different parts and components.

3. Technology demonstrations through interactive demos with drilling and truck driving simulations, and also virtual reality headsets.

4. Surface assembly and testing facility with demonstrations of the drills drilling

We had a lot of fun learning about the new technologies and capabilities demonstrated by Epiroc! Shown below is a picture of us with at the surface assembly and testing facility with one of the drills:

Fun fact: This D65 is actually a very new model that is currently not available on the market yet. How cool is that!

After that, Epiroc brought us to a local attraction where we got to experience a spooky tour of the Örebro Castle! To end off the night, Epiroc hosted us for a dinner where we truly felt the Swedish hospitality! Once again, thank you Epiroc for hosting us! We greatly appreciate your efforts for setting up an eventful day for the UBC Mining Grad Trip. Shown below is a photo of us at Epiroc facility:

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