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The last mine tour of our trip- The Outokumpu Kemi Mine

From our eventful excursion to the Kiruna Mine, we moved onto the final underground mine of the trip, the Kemi Mine, an underground Chromite mine.

After being outfitted in the appropriate PPE, we hopped into 3 vehicles and made our way down to the conference room (500 m below the surface) on the smooth asphalt roads of the underground mine, we were then given in-depth presentations on the mine, the mineral deposit as well as the mining and processing methods used.

Fun fact: The workshop on the 500- level of the mine played host to a rock concert that entertained 375 people, making it the deepest, most rock-y concert ever!!

After this we got a chance to briefly view the production level 1000 m below the surface, truly an experience to remember !

Once we got back to the surface from the long drive up from the 1000 m level, we were graciously treated to a healthy lunch with our hosts, allowing us to get to know their backgrounds and their thoughts on interesting topics in the industry.

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