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Touchdown Stockholm

As the UBC Mining grad trip participants regroup in Stockholm, we would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to the sponsors that have helped make this excellent research opportunity a reality.

As our grad class arrives and gets used to the time change, we got the chance to explore and learn more about Stockholm. From historical attractions to current day events and politics, Stockholm proved to exceed any expectations we had.

Shown below are two photos. The first photo is us with our rented cars and the first accommodation we stayed at! What a great experience for us.

The second photo is of us taking a tour at the Vaas museum where one of the largest historical ship presides (approximately 92% original) and the history behind raising the sunk ship

Fun fact: Part of the restoration effort includes using bolts manufactured by our generious sponsor Sandivk!

Stockholm was nothing short of expectation and we are excited for tomorrow's journey as we head North Sweden to visit Epiroc facilities!

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