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Bitter Sweet End: Outotec- Research Facility & Headoffice

As our trip slowly comes to an end, we got to visit Outotec's Research Facility. From touring the facility to listening to different presentations about pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy, the information we gained as students were very insightful! Outotec's commitment to the students learning was definitely felt as they took the time out of a Saturday to tour and present to us. They even brought a Canadian local to Finland to tell us about Outotec's business!

The following monday, we had the opportunity to visit Outotec's head office. We got to listen multiple presentations about the work that Outotec is doing with sustainability, and geometallurgy! And we even got to tour around the demo room! Super cool!

The night ended off with a dinner provided by Outotec with great conservation and more learnings. We even got to go on the big screen as Outotec interviewed some of our students professors! Click here to see some of the students be naturals in the film business!

Outotec's hospitality was greatly appreciated and we wouldn't have wanted to end of the trip off any other way! This wraps up our blog! Thank you all the gracious host and also sponsors! This trip wouldn't have happened without your support!

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