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The Normet facility

We reached the Normet facility bright and early on the morning of the 16th, and were warmly welcomed by the Normet representatives. We were then given an introduction to the company and the current market environment.

After this, we regrouped at the cafeteria where we enjoyed a delicious lunch, giving us the chance to get to understand the background and current projects that the representatives were involved in.

Now that we were fueled up, we split into groups to look at what Normet had to offer at its facility. We started off by visiting their manufacturing floor, where we learnt about their assembly line and the various pieces of equipment they had to offer.

We were then taken to their technology room, where we learnt about the new technology in use and got to talk to some of the engineers involved in the process.

To cap off the great visit, we got the chance to ask all the questions we wanted about their impressive equipment offering and global presence and then actually sitting in the equipment.

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