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The LKAB Kiruna Mine

Visiting Europe's largest underground iron ore mine ? Check ✔

We started the tour by taking a bus 300 m underground to LKAB's vast visitor center, where we were introduced to the history of the operation and nature of the mineralization. We were then generously hosted for lunch at the LKAB dining hall at the surface.

Following a sumptuous meal, we eagerly listened to the in-depth presentation from Mr. Matthias Wimmer who amazed us with the ground-breaking technology used and being developed at the mine, allowing the operation to remain ahead of the curve in the competitive iron ore industry. The presentation included innovative drilling solutions allowing for longer drill holes and more consistent material fragmentation. Mr. Wimmer also touched upon LKAB's plans in the future, such as the Sustainable Underground Mining (SUM) initiative and HYBRIT for fossil-free steel making.

It was truly an amazing opportunity to visit the Kiruna mine and marvel at the engineering and social challenges being overcome by the team at LKAB on a daily basis. Thank you LKAB again for being a gracious host!

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